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Inspiring a Prophetic Community…Awareness

The next few of my post will be on the seminars that I am doing at ECG with Ron Willoughby  and Roy Crowne. This seminar stream is all about the call of the church to be communities that speak  God’s justice, mercy and humility to this broken world. The programme describes it as:3099098202_d18228d13f

Justice. Mercy. Humilty. The challenge of God through Micah is for us to embody these three character traits.  How can we love mercy if we aren’t intentional about practicing it beyond our own level of comfort and convenience? How do we walk humbly with God and not be salt and light in an often tasteless and dark world? 

The first session today was on Awareness. It was Van Goethe who said ‘“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight”. Brain McLaren in his book everything must change identifies 3  important categories for answering the first of two question, the first question is what are the biggest problems in the world? Brian says all problems are at the very basis spiritual in some form or fashion. So lets just for the sake of this post agree that, the three categories are firstly it must cause the most suffering in the present, secondly pose the greatest threat to the future, thirdly it is the root cause to the other problems. These 3 observations form the basis for my reflection on the major role of awareness in inspiring a prophetic community.

In 2000 the UN complied a report to develop 8 goals to challenge the biggest problems in the world, the were

1.   Educate extreme poverty

2.   Achieve universal primary education

3.   Promote gender equality and empowerment of women

4.   Reduce child mortality

5.   Improve maternal health

6.   Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

7.   Ensure environmental sustainability  

8.   Develop a global partnership for development

What we see in the world at the moment is 1 death from poverty every 4 seconds…the make poverty history campaign is long gone but why does our  thoughts change so quickly back to our greed and forget the plight of our world.

Awareness of the poor is what led Mother Teresa into the ministry that shaped her as one of the most influential people of the past century. Her words were listened too by many political leaders and revolutionaries. But what drove her was a an awareness of what was going on right outside her door. An awareness that outside of herself and her own four walls there was a much greater need and that the Jesus really meant when he said love my neighbor. Mother Theresa once said “In the poor we meet Jesus in the most distressing disguises.” She tried to treat every person she met as if they were Jesus. I am challenged to consider the thought of everyone being Jesus…There is another challenge this morning….Mother Theresa always said “ Calcutta’s are everywhere if only we have eyes to see. Find your Calcutta? So this morning I challenged to consider after all we have heard what is your Calcutta?

What is the prophetic church going to do??

There is some brief thoughts!!!